He is back to fulfil a promise made long time ago...

"Many years ago there was a girl who lived in a big beautiful manor. This girl had a friend, a very special friend, the kind of being that only a child's eyes can see, a six-inch tall goblin. For years they played games, laughed, and caused all kinds of mischief. Time seemed to pass so quickly.

One day, the girl grew up and turned into a beautiful woman. She met a man and soon they fell in love. The little goblin’s heart was broken. He decided to go far away and let the girl live her life. But, before leaving, the tiny goblin made her a promise..."

Many years have passed, and now the goblin has come back to the old manor to fulfil his promise. As he arrives through a hole in the kitchen window, he hears a familiar deep voice. It is the spirit of the house, The Voice. It creaks and groans with the wind, rattles down old pipes and scratches like branches on the window.

The Voice confirms the goblin’s worst fear: He has waited for too long to fulfil his promise and he is running out of time. He must search for five special items hidden somewhere in the dark sprawling manor. A huge task for our tiny hero...

Will you help our little adventurer in his journey across the big manor? If so, be prepared to face traps, dangerous quests, outwit the inhabitants of the house and unlock the mysteries of the aging mansion. You will encounter many friends and foes along the way: The wise owl who lives in the attic, mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders and the wicked Rasputin, the old cat who lurks in the shadows.